In Fall 2015, I began my graduate studies under the guidance of Dr. Eduardo Salas. You may learn more about his work here.

In Summer 2016, I began my Graduate Research Fellowship, funded by the National Science Foundation. My current research program, in collaboration with partners at Texas Medical Center, focuses on cultural competency among healthcare providers. More specifically, it aims to address health disparities among minorities by examining cultural gaps during clinical encounters. Through needs assessment and training program development and evaluation, we hope to provide healthcare providers with the tools to effectively treat diverse patient populations.

I also work on a number of other projects, centering around my broader research interests:

  • Cross-cultural and diversity issues: How can we foster maximal cooperation among diverse group members? What can organizations do to reduce systematic discrimination? How does discrimination impact other aspects related to work and quality of life, including health?
  • Disaster management: How do organizations respond to crises? How can we prepare and manage volunteer workforces?
  • Healthcare management: How can we structure different levels of the healthcare system (e.g., individuals, teams, and organizations) to improve patient care?
  • Occupational health: What factors increase and decrease stress in work settings? How do individuals and groups cope with acute and chronic stressors?
  • Teams: How can we ensure that members of a team work together smoothly and efficiently? How do teamwork processes differ across disciplines?
  • Training and development: How can we teach members of an organization effectively?


Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Rice University Department of Psychological Sciences